Dah-Kuang-Ming Fire Protection Co., Ltd. (TKM) is an experienced & specialized manufacturer / exporter / importer of fire protection products for 25 years. TKM can be proud to introduce itself as a leading & highest quality manufacturer in Taiwan. With its remarkable success of domestic market as well as international markets, here’s the briefing for your reference:

TKM initially started its glorious history from June 1977. Now, TKM has considerably expanded its business with complete range of fire protection products, and eventually become your specialist of Fire Protection with experience of 25 years.

TKM is officially assessed as Grade A manufacturer by Taiwan Government, and has a strong Q.C. background of certification of ISO 9002.

TKM’s products are of humanistic designs that enable the end-user to “DIY” and customization to meet customers’ requirements. The patented designs allow end-users to assemble the products at ease (tools free), and consuming parts can be replaced by a relaxing disassembly.

In the field of fire protection, all business associates know TKM pretty well with its high quality 8 leading position. Many construction companies, whole sellers, distributors, or even end-users have declared that only TKM’s products can be used – since TKM products have proven to be in the most stable performance status among all.

TKM has over 25 years experience and knows

how to best your needs